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Its weird to say this, but I wish I was with you still. I still believe we were destined to each other’s souls. We could of had it all, rolling in the deep.


asking your murderer to clear your internet history for you

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"As it debuted in 2000, The Weekenders fittingly kicked off a decade of creative excellence coming from the studio. It represents all of the strengths of Disney Television Animation’s creator-driven production model - superb writing with excellent translation into action and smooth animation - while functioning as a cleverly modulated, restrained retort to other studios’ frantic production styles. It is a model program that deserves far more attention than it received during its original production run. The show was created and chiefly written by the talented Doug Langdale, who was responsible for the most of the witty dialogue on shows like Darkwing Duck and Earthworm Jim. As a California native, it seems that he followed the famed writing axiom, "Write what you know." What makes the series stand out so boldly from its peers was its execution by Langdale and principal director Steven Lyons. It is a highly nuanced, character-driven series with a particular emphasis on exploring all the dimensions of the characters and their relationships with one another and the world around them. They did so in a way that belies most television animation stereotypes, gathering comedy from realism rather than exaggeration - in spite of occasional bursts of ebullience from both writer and director. This is clearly noted in examining the particularly well-handled characterizations of its four 12-year-old leads. […] The series has largely been off the radar since its original broadcast run ended in 2003, but this may change with its release on DVD by Disney (although in a limited run format). There is every opportunity for Tino, Carver, Lor and Tish to help another generation of middle schoolers confront their concerns and fears in the same colorful, funny way."

Excerpt from America Toons In: A History of Television Animation by David Perlmutter

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Lastnight was something Different

oh and people cry that I never smile and shit.

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We all love our pets, but for every indifferent cat and laid-back dog, there are animals who can only be described as stage-5 clingers. For all 17 of these adorable pet’s that love their owners too much go here. 

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greendale seven appreciation

day 6: favorite speech/quote given to or by one of the study group members

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